8 Reasons to Travel While You’re Young

Travel While You're Young

Shortly before I became a new parent, I heard a lot of people tell me how my traveling days were over. “Traveling with kids is too expensive,” they said, or “it’s too difficult to arrange.” When my son was two months old, I got his first passport. He’s almost one year old now and he’s […]

Breaking Bland: The Poor Man’s Guide to Unforgettable Travels

Poor Man's Guide to Unforgettable Travels

*Note: This is a guest post by Peter Renegade from RichRenegade.com. $80,000 of student loans and insatiable wanderlust don’t exactly mix. Unfortunately, that’s where I found myself after college graduation. While I always envisioned myself traveling during my 20’s, reality came crashing down in the form of $600 monthly loan payments. Like any desperate college […]

17 Ways Travel Makes You a Better Person

Travel Makes You a Better Person

One of the best aspects of travel is in discovery.  Whether you’re immersing yourself in a brand new culture or wandering the streets of a foreign city, you’re finding new things to see and experience. Part of that discovery is in what you learn about yourself.  Like most experiences, travel can change you in ways […]

Spend Less, Travel More eBook is Released!

Spend Less, Travel More - High Resolution

What do you think of when you hear the word “travel”? Perhaps you see yourself lying on a beach in the Caribbean or admiring the Pyramids of Egypt. When you let your mind wander, you can imagine yourself having dream vacations all over the world. But when you come back to reality, you realize that […]

6 Things I Loved About Mardi Gras in New Orleans

New Orleans - Mardi Gras

When I was in college, I put going to Mardi Gras on my bucket list.  The opportunity to do heavy drinking and party with a lot of topless women was very appealing. My circumstances have changed a lot since then.  I rarely drink now and I’m married, so picking up women just isn’t going to […]

How to Meet Local People While Traveling

Temple Bar

When I was in Morocco last year, my wife and I met an old Moroccan woman on a train. We quickly became friends and she asked us to come stay with her for a few days. If we hadn’t been on a tight schedule to get to the Sahara, we would have gone. Some of […]

Insights from My Camel Trek Into the Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert Camels

I’ve had a long fascination with the Sahara desert.  When I was a little kid, I watched TV shows depicting the desert as teeming with bandits, nomadic tribes, oases and high adventure. So when I heard you could actually trek out into the Sahara and spend the night in a nomadic Tuareg camp, I jumped […]