Steve Jobs: How to Follow Your Passion and Change the World

Follow Your Passion and Change the World

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple after a 12-year absence, the company was facing a crisis. Quickly running out of cash and close to bankruptcy, Jobs explained his plan to get the company going again. “Apple is not about making boxes for people to get their jobs done, although we do that well. Apple is […]

7 Reasons Why Helping Others Will Make You Live a Better Life

Helping Others

A few years ago, while I was teaching a writing class abroad in Morocco, one of my student’s parents asked to talk to me. She noticed her son had made major progress in his writing and wanted to let me know she appreciated my effort to make the work fun and engaging. Her appreciation was […]

Stop Worrying About Making the Right Decision

Stop Worrying About Making the Right Decision

Through the course of our lives, we’re confronted with a lot of big decisions. Who should I marry? Should I quit the job I don’t like or stay in it? What major do I want to pursue in college? We worry about such decisions because they have a huge impact on our lives. The major […]

9 Things People Who Love Their Lives Do Differently

Loving Life

“Your mission: Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.” – Karen Salmansohn I love the way this quote describes loving life as a “mission”. This word infuses the search for a life you love with the sense of purpose and importance it deserves. Building a life […]

Your Beautiful Life Will Expand When You Eliminate the Excess

Eliminate the Excess

For many people, a good life is about more. More stuff. More things to do. More friends. More of everything. For me, a good life is about less. I moved from a big house into a small apartment. In the process, I donated or threw away many of the things I owned. I even donated […]

7 Life Lessons from the Man Who Saved Over One Billion Lives

Norman Borlaug - The Man Who Saved One Billion Lives

Chances are that you’re not familiar with Norman Borlaug. He doesn’t have the household name of a famous movie star or pop singer, but, by the time he died in 2009, he was credited with saving the lives of over one billion people. It all started so simply. In 1944 he moved to Mexico to […]

23 Profound Quotes that Will Make You See Everything Differently

Strange New Perspective

I remember when I was a little child and the world seemed so strange and new. I wanted to know what was out there, what weird things could I learn. When someone told me the Earth was just a giant rock floating in the middle of nothingness, I was taken aback – it blew my […]