Why Having Faith in Yourself is so Damn Important


Wherever you go in life, whatever you want to do, you must have faith in yourself. This is not the same thing as believing in yourself – faith means a lot more than that. Belief is an opinion or judgment in which a person is fully persuaded based upon some reason or piece of information. […]

50 Things Really Smart People Do All the Time

Really Smart

What does it mean to be smart? You could quantify it as a number on an IQ chart. Or perhaps it comes from that diploma from a fancy university. But IQ tests are fundamentally flawed according to many researchers. They don’t take into account the various ways people can be smart. And to be honest, […]

A Simple Mindshift for Explosive Change

Costa Rica

*Note: This is a guest post by Razwana Wahid. The suspense was killing me. The build up had been happening for weeks. This was marketing genius. Feverishly salivating over every email I opened leading up to the big day, I’d made my decision before the offer had even landed in my inbox. I’d be flying […]

Spend Less, Travel More eBook is Released!

What do you think of when you hear the word “travel”? Perhaps you see yourself lying on a beach in the Caribbean or admiring the Pyramids of Egypt. When you let your mind wander, you can imagine yourself having dream vacations all over the world. But when you come back to reality, you realize that […]

Why I Meditate on Zen Koans

Zen Koan Meditation

I don’t meditate very often – maybe about once a week. But when I do, it’s on a koan. If you don’t know what a koan is, it’s a statement, parable or question that you concentrate on while you’re meditating. They’re meant to be logical absurdities that don’t make much sense on their own. Even […]

Do More Boring Things (Seriously)

Do More Boring Things

One of the things I liked most about living in Morocco a year ago was that I got to speak French on a regular basis. I’m good at it, but not quite fluent. I’ve never actually tested how much I know about French, but it’s at least conversational. I know enough to be comfortable speaking […]

The Einstein Method for Freeing Your Creative Mind

Einstein Creative Mind

In 1905, Einstein introduced the world to his groundbreaking theory of special relativity. It’s a very complex theory that I couldn’t possibly begin to explain here. But it spawned one of the world’s most well-known equations: E=MC2. Einstein is arguably one of the world’s greatest creative thinkers. How his mind came up with idea after […]