Steve Jobs: How to Follow Your Passion and Change the World

Follow Your Passion and Change the World

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple after a 12-year absence, the company was facing a crisis. Quickly running out of cash and close to bankruptcy, Jobs explained his plan to get the company going again. “Apple is not about making boxes for people to get their jobs done, although we do that well. Apple is […]

This Powerful Mindset Helped John Steinbeck Write His Greatest Novels


During John Steinbeck’s long career as a writer, he created some of the most beloved and acclaimed works in literature including such masterpieces as Of Mice and Men, East of Eden and The Pearl. I’ve always been fascinated by his work so last year I set a goal to read every book published under his […]

7 Reasons to Do that Crazy Thing You’ve Always Wanted to Do

Do That Crazy Things You've Always Wanted to Do

Two of my friends are starting off on a grand journey soon. In a few weeks, they’re quitting their jobs and taking six months off to travel around the world. It took them years to save up the money, but they’ve finally earned enough to take the leap. Some people have called their plans a […]

7 Life Lessons from the Man Who Saved Over One Billion Lives

Norman Borlaug - The Man Who Saved One Billion Lives

Chances are that you’re not familiar with Norman Borlaug. He doesn’t have the household name of a famous movie star or pop singer, but, by the time he died in 2009, he was credited with saving the lives of over one billion people. It all started so simply. In 1944 he moved to Mexico to […]

10 Ways to Travel Endlessly Free Ebook Download

10 Ways to Travel Endlessly

One of the most popular posts I’ve ever written is “6 Ways to Travel Endlessly”. As of today, it’s been seen on Stumbleupon over 390,000 times and shared on Facebook and Twitter thousands more. It went so viral that, at one point, it brought in over 16,000 visitors to my site in a single day! […]

8 Habits that Will Help You Live Life Without Regrets

Live Life Without Regrets

“Living a life with no mistakes and without any regrets is extraordinarily hard to accomplish. A lifetime of making choices brings with it the knowledge that at least some actions were ill-considered…To live, it seems is to accumulate at least some regrets.” This excerpt comes from a fascinating study from Cornell University. After sifting through […]

3 Ridiculously Simple Rules to Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life

Rules to Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life

Have you ever asked one of those big weightlifters in the gym for advice on how to get into shape? I have. They often go on long tangents describing specific workouts they do and talk on and on about what foods to eat and supplements to take. It’s all extremely detailed and unwieldy information. It […]