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Here are the publications where my work has been published or featured.

San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden – A zen-like experience – Traveldudes

The Power of Asking for What You Want – Dumb Little Man

Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong – y Travel Blog

The 5 Step Process to Complete TV Elimination – Pick the Brain

Taking the Leap – The Change Blog

Why Bad Feelings Are Surprisingly Good For You – Pick the Brain

4 Ways Making Assumptions Can Ruin Your Life – Dumb Little Man

How to Stop Fearing Big Changes – Pick the Brain

Clean Out Your List of Blog Post Ideas in a Blog Content Workshop – ProBlogger

How to Remain Optimistic in the Face of Adversity – Change Your Thoughts

What Studying Haikus Taught Me about Writing Blog Posts – ProBlogger

The Importance of Dedication – Dumb Little Man

5 Tips to Spice Up Your Life with an Exciting Passion – Dumb Little Man

The Futility of Perfectionism – A Daring Adventure

Why You Shouldn’t Beat Yourself Up Over Something from the Past – Pick the Brain

5 Helpful Tips for Living with Uncertainty – Purpose Fairy

5 Excuses that Stop You From Reaching Your Dream – Pick the Brain

7 Ways to Inspire Truly Great Ideas – Addicted2Success

7 Ways to Clear Your Mind of Negative Thoughts – Pick the Brain

5 Ways Thinking Like a Child Can Change Your Life – Dumb Little Man

7 Ways To Be A Truly Great Friend – Thought Catalog

29 Quotes that Will Inspire You to Reach Your Greatest Potential – Pick the Brain

60 Tiny Everyday Victories We Should All Celebrate More Often – Thought Catalog

7 Things that Fit, Healthy People Do Differently – Pick the Brain

7 Destructive Habits to Get Rid of If You Want to Be Happy – Pick the Brain

7 Things Successful People Do Differently to Reach Their Dreams – Pick the Brain

7 Reasons Why People Who Play Music Are More Likely to Be Successful – Pick the Brain

6 Ways Happy People Start Their Mornings – Pick the Brain

Other Contributions

10 Books to Fuel Your Wanderlust – We Are Sole Sisters

Why Do You Blog? The Final Part! – Smart Boy Designs

How to Follow Your Dreams?  41 Experts Sharing the SECRET – Buddytation

Top 21 Travel Do’s and Don’ts – TRAVO Blog


An Interview with Steve – Veni Vidi Vici

Let’s Live Life to the Fullest and Do Something Cool with Steve Bloom (Podcast) – Uncommon Chick

Steve Bloom, Born to Travel – The Ultimate Expat Blog

Steve Bloom: The Life Experience Podcast #15 – Adrian Fregoso

List Inclusions

40 Rising Bloggers Who are Heating Up This Summer – Get Busy Living

Iceland for Locals, Thailand Underwater, Do Something Crazy – National Geographic Intelligent Travel

Underworld Maya, Terrifying Bridges, Find Your Adventurous Spirit – National Geographic Intelligent Travel

An End of Year Thanks To Our Extended Community – Life’s Too Good

16 Personal Development Blogs To Watch Out For in 2013 – Dawn of Change

Top 25 Blogs for Thriving Minds – Aha! Moments

40 Amazing Personal Development Bloggers to Watch in 2015 – Psycholocrazy

Top 100 Self-Improvement Blogs for 2016 – Market Inspector

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