This Too Shall Pass: Why a Peaceful Life is Found in Impermanence

This Too Shall Pass

In ancient Persia, a sultan called upon all his wisest men and asked them if there was a mantra he could follow that would help him get through any situation, no matter the time or place, in every joy and sorrow, defeat and victory. After thinking for a long time on such a puzzling question, the […]

7 Reasons Why Helping Others Will Make You Live a Better Life

Helping Others

A few years ago, while I was teaching a writing class abroad in Morocco, one of my student’s parents asked to talk to me. She noticed her son had made major progress in his writing and wanted to let me know she appreciated my effort to make the work fun and engaging. Her appreciation was […]

Stop Worrying About Making the Right Decision

Stop Worrying About Making the Right Decision

Through the course of our lives, we’re confronted with a lot of big decisions. Who should I marry? Should I quit the job I don’t like or stay in it? What major do I want to pursue in college? We worry about such decisions because they have a huge impact on our lives. The major […]

This Powerful Mindset Helped John Steinbeck Write His Greatest Novels


During John Steinbeck’s long career as a writer, he created some of the most beloved and acclaimed works in literature including such masterpieces as Of Mice and Men, East of Eden and The Pearl. I’ve always been fascinated by his work so last year I set a goal to read every book published under his […]

Walt Disney’s Magical Strategy for Being Excellent in Everything

Walt Disney Plussing It

Disney is one of history’s greatest innovators. He was the first person to add sound and color to his animated films. While everyone else was making cartoon shorts, he dared to make a full-length animated movie, Snow White, which turned into a massive hit. When he made Bambi, he took it even further. In order […]

Your Beautiful Life Will Expand When You Eliminate the Excess

Eliminate the Excess

For many people, a good life is about more. More stuff. More things to do. More friends. More of everything. For me, a good life is about less. I moved from a big house into a small apartment. In the process, I donated or threw away many of the things I owned. I even donated […]

8 Habits that Will Help You Live Life Without Regrets

Live Life Without Regrets

“Living a life with no mistakes and without any regrets is extraordinarily hard to accomplish. A lifetime of making choices brings with it the knowledge that at least some actions were ill-considered…To live, it seems is to accumulate at least some regrets.” This excerpt comes from a fascinating study from Cornell University. After sifting through […]