Why Most Travel Fears Are Ridiculous

Sunset Airport

Last week I had a conversation about travel with someone who had never left the country before. I asked her if she ever thought about traveling abroad and she said she would love to except there was a big problem holding her back. Her big problem was that she wasn’t a good swimmer. I’m sure […]

6 Ways to Find More Exciting Experiences

That's me and my wife in the back

About ten years ago, I found myself doing something I thought I would never do. I hopped on a plane and flew half way around the world so I could travel with a friend throughout Southeast Asia. It was one of the most exciting and life-changing experiences of my life. The thing I love the […]

Why I Love the Backpacking Experience

I took my first backpacking trip in 2003. Since then I’ve hauled my backpack around the world to see many unique places and meet many interesting local people in those countries. My backpacking travels have led me to some of the most memorable experiences of my life making it a hobby I’m extremely grateful for […]

5 Reasons Being a Traveler Now is Better Than Any Time in History

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that we are currently living in the golden age of travel. Normally I don’t like to make such bold statements, but I honestly think it’s never been as good a time to be a traveler than right now. There’s even reason to think that travel […]

3 Reasons to Travel to Poor Countries

In less than a week, I’ll be on a plane flying to Ireland. By far, this will be the richest country I’ll have traveled through. Up to this point, I’ve kept to poor and developing countries around the world. It’s not that I’ve been avoiding rich countries; I just haven’t had an opportunity to go […]

How I Traveled Long Term (And Kept My Job) Twice

How I Traveled Long Term and Kept My Job

Two weeks is the golden standard of American vacations.  So when I had a chance to see Southeast Asia for a month, my first thoughts turned to my job.  I thought they would never let me off for such a long period of time. But if you know me, than you’ll know that not only […]

6 Travel Behaviors I Don’t Understand

In general my philosophy on travel is simple. All travel is good travel. However, this doesn’t mean I think all forms of traveling are equal. I’d put traveling to the pyramids in Egypt at a much higher level than going to somewhere less exciting like Wyoming. I’d say everyone else probably would agree with me.  […]