My Crazy, Stressful, Wonderful Year: 2015 in Review

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If you think about it, there’s no real reason to celebrate the coming of a new year. Its basic function is to commemorate the full circle of our planet’s rotation around the sun. We’re not remembering any particular historical or religious event or celebrating a national hero so the day seems hardly worth caring about. […]

A Lot Can Happen in a Year: 2014 + Announcements + Best Posts of the Year

A lot can happen in a year

The coming of the New Year is always a weird time for me.  For most of the year, I try to be in the present and concentrate on what I’m working on.  But this time of year I tend to focus on all the things I’ve done and what plans lay ahead. It never seems […]

6 Things Everyone Hates But Should Actually Be Thankful For

Things Everyone Hates But Should Be Grateful

Over the years, gratitude has been getting a lot of attention. As well it should. Counting our blessings has been shown in studies to improve health, mood and mental well-being. The benefits seem endless. Making lists of what you’re thankful for is therapeutic because we can focus on the good and forget about the bad. […]

The World is Getting *Better* – Not Worse


I hear a lot of people complain about how messed up the world is. I get it. I truly do. War, poverty and crime are continuing troubles. Our leaders seem incapable of doing anything right and, all the while, problems keep mounting ever higher. That’s one way to see the world. It’s not my way […]

Spend Less, Travel More eBook is Released!

Spend Less, Travel More - High Resolution

What do you think of when you hear the word “travel”? Perhaps you see yourself lying on a beach in the Caribbean or admiring the Pyramids of Egypt. When you let your mind wander, you can imagine yourself having dream vacations all over the world. But when you come back to reality, you realize that […]

Results from the Reader Survey

Reader Survey Results

A few weeks ago I sent out a post asking readers to fill out a reader survey.  I’ve never conducted a survey on this blog before so it was a big experiment for me. I didn’t know what kind of responses I would get or even how many people would reply. But the results beat […]

Please Take My 2014 Reader Survey

Reader Survey

It’s hard to believe, but I’m only about a month away from the four year anniversary for this blog! It’s been a long, crazy journey.  When I first started, I only had a handful of people visit every week.  Now I have thousands of regular readers. Many of you have reached out to me through […]