6 Ways to Find More Exciting Experiences


About ten years ago, I found myself doing something I thought I would never do. I hopped on a plane and flew half way around the world so I could travel with a friend throughout Southeast Asia. It was one of the most exciting and life-changing experiences of my life.

The thing I love the most about exciting experiences is the feeling of being alive. Knowing that you’re doing something crazy can be just so exhilarating. That’s why I’ve made having exciting experiences a priority. However, I know that sometimes it can seem as if excitement doesn’t happen as often as it should. Fortunately there are some things you can do to get more.

1. Be open to excitement

Just being open to exciting experiences can make a huge positive difference. For example one Saturday night a few years ago I got a call from a friend asking me if I wanted to go to a wrestling match in a rural town nearby. We only had a vague idea of where the town was, but I didn’t care because it sounded exciting.

I got three friends to come along, but a large group of others refused to go. Those of us who went eventually found the place out in the middle of nowhere. We had some beers, got our photos taken in the ring and even partied awhile with the wrestlers after the match. It was a night I’ll never forget. Those that didn’t go had a forgetful night re-watching a movie.

Don’t pass up on those adventurous opportunities when they come your way.

2. Always be actively searching for exciting experiences

It isn’t likely that you’ll find an exciting experience by sitting on the couch. You have to go out and make it happen. That means making less time for TV watching and more time for real world interaction.

But even going out into the real world isn’t good enough. It’s all about how you interact with it. Be a person who takes action, does things and takes risks. Make plans to travel, go on a roadtrip or talk to a stranger. You never know what might happen if you just put yourself out there.

3. Make having exciting experiences routine

I like to think of excitement as a habit more than anything else. It seems that the more you do it, the easier it will be for you to get it in the future. It’s as if their exciting experiences draw in other exciting experiences.

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that someone who can get excitement knows where to find it. They have the confidence, know-how or social connections that just make it easier to find. It might be hard to get going, but it isn’t as hard to maintain the momentum.

4. Get enthusiastic about yourself and your life

Having the right attitude can really help you find exciting experiences. Exciting people have an enthusiasm and energy about them that is just infectious. That kind of attitude will spread to everyone around you and eventually something fun will happen.

This attitude works so well because you’re showing the world just what you expect out of it. It also attracts similarly minded people and situations. Show the world that you’re thrilled to be in it and you’ll find excitement much easier to find.

5. Find a passion

You can’t underestimate the power passion has in bringing excitement into your life. When you find something you can put all your energy into, you naturally get excited about it. It’s not a coincidence that the feelings you get for excitement and the ones you get for something you’re passionate about are so similar.

Get involved in something that drives you. Is there something you think about trying or something you love doing? Really put yourself into that pursuit and turn it into a passion. You’ll naturally find excitement from it.

6. Face your fears and leave comfort behind

When you think about excitement, you might think of activities like mountain climbing or bungee jumping. If those activities have any one thing in common it is that they are all scary and require some risk taking. That’s not all that surprising if you consider that fear and risk are both big factors in what makes something exciting.

So if you want more exciting experiences, you have to take risks or face down fear. And you don’t necessarily have to do something dangerous. Sometimes something simple like going up and talking to someone new can be really scary, but also exciting.

Put More Excitement Into Your Life

It’s never too late to try and get a little more excitement into your life. No matter how dull things have become, there is always room for change. No rut is big enough to stop you if you really want to make things better.

Getting more exciting experiences starts with turning around those dull moments. It might not happen as quickly as you want, but at least there are some things you can do to get that great feeling of being alive back. And that can be an exciting thought.

What’s the last big exciting experience you’ve had? Do you know of any other ways to get more excitement?

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  1. Steve, I agree that having exciting experiences is a major component of a memorable life – whether it’s just ours to remember or for the world to remember.

    Your point number one really struck home with me. I would have absolutely gone to the wrestling match with you, even though I have no interest in wrestling, because it’s memorable! You are right – the people who sat home watching a movie will NEVER remember that night, while you and the friends who went to the little rural town to watch wrestling will never forget it. I want to remember the specifics of my life, not just – as one of my friends back in the States said – have the whole thing be “a lukewarm bath.”

    Moving outside of your comfort zone, as you stated in point number six, I have learned is an absolutely necessary component of having exciting experiences. It’s unfortuate, because being uncomfortable is no fun and, well…uncomfortable. I’ve been SO uncomfortable so many times the past year and a half as I’ve been living and traveling primarily in the Middle East. Yet this discomfort has completely altered my wants and needs in life and made me, I believe, far less spoiled. It’s also enabled me to have some of the most exciting and memorable times ever. I am grateful that I am able to move out of my comfort zone and experience people and things I otherwise never would.

    • I’m glad you would have come with me to the match. I don’t particularly like wrestling either, it was going out and finding the place and hanging out with friends that appealed to me. You’re right that my friends will not remember that night. Well, one friend might remember it only because he was amazed at the story I told him about it the next day.

      I want to remember the specifics of my life too and also not have it be like a “lukewarm bath”. And a big part of that is making memorable exciting experiences. It is unfortunate that making exciting experiences has to take place outside of the comfort zone. It might not be all that fun, but it is necessary.

      I can see how traveling in the Middle East for as long as you have would be difficult, but I can only imagine the things you’ve seen and done. You definitely have a great adventurous spirit.

  2. I love exciting experiences. They make me realize how alive I am when I accomplish something great.

  3. I totally agree on just being open. Some of my favorite experiences weren’t planned at all; they were just opportunities I took advantage of when they came up. And if there were any things I “regret,” it would be the opptys that came up that I passed on, especially if it was out of fear or some other silly reason.

    • Some of the coolest things that have happened to me were spontaneous. You can try and plan everything out, but sometimes you just have to let things happen.

      While I don’t have many regrets, I do think that not taking opportunities as they came up would be the biggest reason for them. I think if there is anything I would tell my younger self now is to take opportunity as it arises. You might not get another shot.

  4. I am 20. Born into wealth but never saw a dime of it. Worked for everything I have. Dont have much. Now its hardto be opportunistic in the rat race. I’m in college so that I will be equipped with skills yo enter the rat race. I do online work too (trading binary options online) and working 8-4 everyday 5 days a week on a schedule it is hard to be random. Its scary growing up un America right now. If things keep rapidly becoming more expensive the way it is now, I’ll barely be able to keep food on the table and gas in the car even on 50,000 a year. That a long with complications I’m dealing with now = very unpleasant. Its also sad that herbs/homeopathic medicine and organic food cost 10x the amount of walmart. Its evil that living wholesomely costs much more than manufactured crap. Hard times indeed, I may very well leave America..there’s some places in china I could live for a mere 20 USD rent a month.

    • Yeah, food and gas can be really expensive. I try to eat well, but also live cheaply and I think I have a good balance going on. I’ve also cut other needs to where I really don’t buy much and still maintain a comfortable lifestyle. It can be hard though especially if you have debt or live in an expensive part of the country.

      Since I traveled through Asia, I can tell you that there are some really cheap places to live. I’m sure you can find places in China that cheaply, but it probably won’t be in the major cities on the coast though.

    • You don’t NEED a Car?????


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