11 Ways to Discover New Passions


Discover New Passions

I’m fascinated with passionate people. Some of them have such fire and drive in them that they completely captivate me even if what they do isn’t something I find all that interesting.

I realize that not everyone is as lucky in discovering their passions. I’ve heard some people say that you either have it or you don’t. However, I don’t think that is true. Finding your passion can be tricky sometimes, but there are ways to open yourself up to discovering them.

1. Learn a new skill

Most passions start with new skills. Musicians, artists and marathon runners all started their skills at one point and changed their life. The best part about learning new skills is that you can try one for a few days to get a feel for it. Take a few classes and figure out if it’s right for you.

2. Explore and discover

Sometimes finding your passion in life means getting a fresh look at the world you’re in. Travel can open you up to how other people live which could inspire you to something amazing.

However, traveling isn’t the only way to do this. Take a walk in a nearby park or meditate. Anything that will get you in a reflective state of mind will work. This will get you focused on the things that are important to you.

3. Stop doing things you’re not passionate about

If you spend most of your day watching television or playing video games, you’re not going to find your passion. Get rid of the distractions in your life and you’ll make plenty of time to fill it with things that matter. When you eliminate things you don’t care about, you’ll create a vacuum of time in your life that you need to fill. Hopefully, you’ll fill it with passionate pursuits.

4. Figure out who you are

If you know what kind of person you are, you’ll find it easier to figure out new passions. Some people work better with their hands and some are more artistic. That should give you some indication where to start in figuring out your passions. If you’re unsure about this, I would try everything. Eventually you’ll figure out what you like.

5. Surround yourself with passionate people

Passionate people are filled with energy and enthusiasm. Those qualities are infectious so if you surround yourself with passionate people, you’ll get a fire inside for life too. The things they do may provide inspiration and ideas for things you want to try. Plus, they can provide insight into how they discovered their passions and open you up to how you might discover one too.

6. Revisit old interests

Many times, the best place to start finding new passions is by looking into your past. This is how I re-discovered a passion I had. When I was in college, I lifted weights on a regular basis. It was something I liked, but stopped shortly after I graduated. Several years later, I started doing it again and it became a big part of my life.

7. Indulge in your imagination

One of the side effects of growing up is the loss of imagination. I can remember a time when I used imagination to create a variety of crazy ideas and stories in my head. I would take these ideas and draw pictures or write fantastic stories. I had so much going on that I needed an outlet.

Imagination is a powerful way to super-charge your creativity. It gets you to look at the world in new ways and that’s important for many passionate pursuits. Creativity comes from innovation and innovation comes from imagination. Let your mind wander for awhile and you might be surprised at the crazy, creative things you come up with.

8. Pay attention to your thoughts

Where do your thoughts drift to when you let your mind wander? If you end up daydreaming about doing something, your mind might be telling you that you’re interested in doing it. Years ago, when my thoughts drifted towards things I wanted to do before I die, I would imagine rock climbing. Finally I got the nerve to try it out. It’s something I’ve loved ever since.

9. Expand your comfort zone

Finding things you’re passionate about means trying new things you might not be good at or are afraid to try. Even if it doesn’t turn into a passion, the experience will still be worth trying. For example, I tried landscape painting after a few years of wanting to do it. Painting didn’t turn out to be a passion of mine, but I’m glad I did it. Now I know that my passions are elsewhere.

10. Get out of your rut

If you’re like most people, you have a routine to your day. Routines are good for making sure your day runs smoothly, but they’re bad for introducing you to new things. Anything you can do to change your routine will help in your new discoveries. Sometimes the simplest changes can make the biggest difference.

The danger of routines is when you go on “auto-pilot”. Ever drive down the road and forget the last few minutes of driving, but you still made all the turns? That’s what a routine can do to your life.

11. Meet new people

New people bring new personalities into your world. They have their own likes and dislikes and ways of seeing the world you might not have thought about before. Eventually, someone is going to introduce you to a new passion.

Plus, if you’re constantly meeting new people. They’ll ask you to tell them about yourself. If you draw a blank one too many times, you’ll feel more pressure to find that passion in your life.

What kind of passions do you have? Do you know of any other ways to discover more?
photo credit: Toni Blay

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  1. I have always had a number of interests, which I’ve developed into passions. What a great list on creating new ones. Can’t wait to try some of these out!

  2. definitely agree on everything steve, especially #5… passionate people exudes this positive energy that is hard to ignore…

  3. The interesting thing about doing the stuff on my list is that I’ve found things that I DIDN’T like! I don’t think I’ll skydive again and I definitely don’t like running. But now I know more about myself. And I’ve, of course, confirmed things that I thought I’d like, like travel, and then some have been surprises like snorkeling or flying in helicopters. The more important of these (In my opinion) is just to get out of your routine and try something new!

    • I find that I have a good idea of what I’ll like and not like before I do something, but I try it anyways because I’ve surprised myself before. I tried surfing just to say I’ve done it, but it turned out to be something I really loved. You really can get to know yourself by just trying different things.

  4. For me five and eleven are the most relevant. Other people have always been a driving force for me whether they know or not. Sometimes they might say a sentence, that sticks in my mind and I will run with it. I love being around positive people as well. Negative people bring me down and I don’t even realise that they are doing it.

    • I agree, Natalie. Negative people can bring others down without even realising it. Similarly, your social circle can affect you in other ways you might not realize.

  5. Steve, a motivating post mate. I liked point number 6 and I’ve found myself in this position a few times over my life. I also believe point number 11 is a great one as well. Sometimes you can meet new people that totally inspire you to great things. Sometimes we all need to read words similar to those you’ve written above to give us a bit of a wake up call to where we are heading in life. Thanks for writing it.

  6. Really great tips. I also took drawing classes and while I enjoyed it, it wasn’t my “passion” because I didn’t take initiative on my own to practice. Writing with a personal point of view was recently identified as a passion so now Im reading a book on screenwriting and try exploring that path. Good work!

  7. Hearing people talk about something that they’re passionate about which I have no interest in never really gets me more interested in their topic, but it does wake me up to the fact that someone cares very much about this thing which I don’t. For example, horses. I have no interest in them whatsoever and find them a little frightening, yet I’ve always realized that billions of other people are just crazy about them. I listen to them and try to get it, but I don’t. Still, their passion encouraged me to take horseback riding classes for several months, trying to learn to like horses. I didn’t become very good at either riding them or liking them. But I did try – just because other people love them. In short, someone else’s passion may not make you become passionate about that which they love, but it can sometimes make you check it out when otherwise you would have stayed away your whole life due to lack of interest.

  8. Great post. Number 10 is very important. It is really easy to get comfortable in your life regardless of how great or even bad it is. Most people fear change. The suggestions you provide are great guidance The biggest advice I can give is to have patience. This doesn’t happen overnight.

    Follow your own heart, surround yourself by supportive people, and press on. Without risk, there is no reward.

  9. I dont know how people will lost there passion,i have alot to do, i have to train my kid for playing cricket,and his day to day playing activity. i have to learn so many things like given in all 11 ways but foremost i have to be my wifes passion,i dont know how people lost there passion, i have to go holidays with my US friends. i had a whole year packed with relatives friends, family, there annivarsay, birthdays, work life balance,.
    oh i have just about half part of life, my new product development under pipeline will have to rollout this year,

    I think with lots of money people may lost there passion.

    i wants to be with family, will never lost passion,
    do whatever without expectations, you will remain happy.
    Best regards to all

  10. I think it’s funny that “playing video games” is always mentioned as a negative example for wasting time. What if playing video games is my passion (which it is)? Can you imagine that I’m playing video games and not finding myself wasting my time? I only play when I can take my time for it and do it conciously. I’m not ever playing if I’m bored for some reason. Because then it isn’t fun for me.

    • Hi Jens, I’d like to defend what I wrote, but I can’t. You’re right. I wrote this post four years ago and my opinion has changed on video games. At the time, I was against them as a distraction and a waste of time. While I still see them as a distraction for some, you’re right that others are passionate about them. I still choose not to play them, but I can’t fault those who find pleasure in them.

      Furthermore, I’m of the opinion that video games are art. They can and should be appreciated for the creations they are. It was judgmental and wrong of me to imply that video games weren’t something people can be passionate about.

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