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10 Ways to Travel Endlessly

One of the most popular posts I’ve ever written is “6 Ways to Travel Endlessly”. As of today, it’s been seen on Stumbleupon over 390,000 times and shared on Facebook and Twitter thousands more. It went so viral that, at one point, it brought in over 16,000 visitors to my site in a single day!

Not bad, considering that it was just the 10th post I wrote for this blog. At that time I think I had only a dozen or so subscribers.

To this day people still comment and share the information in it. And I’m glad so many people love it, because it took a lot of painstaking research and effort to put all the information together.

But I published that post over four years ago and I’ve started to notice how outdated much of the information is. Some of the resources aren’t as good as they once were. Other resources are still good, but in desperate need of updating to be of practical use. In addition, I’ve met lots of other travelers with much different ways to travel long-term.

So I rewrote it. After I finished, I realized it was far too long to be sent out as a blog post. So I spruced it up with some images, polished the look and turned it into a free great-looking pdf that you can download onto your computer or print off.

I’ve actually been advertising this ebook for a few months, but I just realized that I never actually made a formal announcement until now.

This ebook is exclusively available only to subscribers so you’ll need to sign up to the blog to get it. Just enter your email below to get instant access.

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I hope you enjoy the ebook. I put a lot of work into this one – more so than the original. Whatever your travel plans happen to be, you’ll find some good information in here to help you get out there and see more of the world.

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photo credit: Wilerson S Andrade

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  1. Loving this offer, Steve. Who doesn’t want to travel endlessly !

  2. Wow Steve that’s amazing! Traveling is certainly a hot topic. Who doesn’t want to see what the world as to offer?

    Glad your hard work paid off and people are loving your post still. I’m sure they’ll enjoy your book as well.


  3. Awesome news! And will be a boon to endless travelers. I can do it for months at a time but is it possible to travel all the time? Looking forward to reading it.

  4. Hi! I’m already a subscriber, but missed this post. How do I get your free ebook, ‘6 Ways to Travel Endlessly’? Your page keeps asking me to sign up to the list, then tells me I’m already subscribed. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong … help? Thanks! :)

    • Jane, I sent an email to you with the link so you can download it from there. Let me know if you’re still having trouble and I’ll send it to you another way.



  5. Thanks a lot, Steve, I was able to download your book!

    Thanks again,

  6. I just downloaded the free ebook. Thanks for sharing your insight. I noticed it is not really geared towards couples. couple couch surfing isn’t really that great :-/ just an observation.

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