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Catching a Thought

Note: This is a guest post submitted by Jimmy Tong from My Life Architects.

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”

— Bob Proctor

We are who we are because of our thoughts in the past. Thoughts become things. We are consciously or subconsciously always thinking about something. The problem with that is we usually think more about things we don’t want than about the things we do want. And we will get what we mostly think about.

Try to observe your thoughts for a day or two. Do you mostly think about the things that worry or scare you? Or do you mostly think about pleasant and wonderful things? Your future will be like your predominant state of mind now.

Because you are creating the future now, only the present is important. Keeping a predominantly happy and positive state of mind now, will create a happy and positive future. That’s called the Law of Attraction.

Attract What You Want

You can attract whatever you want in your life: happiness, wealth, perfect health, love and wonderful relationships. But you can also attract things and situations that you don’t want. We do this subconsciously all the time.

Our mind can be seen like farmland that grows whatever you plant on it. If you sow corn seeds, you will reap a bountiful harvest of excellent corn. If you sow seeds of nightshade (a very poisonous plant), the land will also produce a rich crop of this deadly plant.

If you don’t control your mind and continue to dwell on negative thoughts and feelings, you will create an unhappy future. If you control it, you will create a great future.

Of course most lives have a mixture of happiness and unhappiness because of their flickering states of mind. But because you now know and understand the law of attraction, you can start creating your happy future and be sure that you will get what you want in life.

Here are some great tips to help you think positively:

1. Have greater awareness in what you are thinking.

We need to become more aware of our thoughts. Every time you think about an issue, especially negative ones try and take a step back and classify the thought as either empowering or disempowering.

2. Interact with the right company.

Your surroundings affect your thoughts. If you are surrounded by negative thinkers who like to complain and blame others, then you are very likely to start thinking negatively too.

3. Practice positive affirmations about yourself.

Start by thinking of all the good things that you have accomplished. What are some of your strengths that you feel you or other people have noticed? Write all these down and start repeating to yourself as often as possible. Listening to affirmation tapes can also be helpful. The more affirmations you do, the greater the influence on your subconscious mind.

4. Seek new experiences.

The main reason why we do not participate in many new activities is because they often lie outside our comfort zones. But once you try new things, you will realize that there are many experiences that can be positive. These positive experiences will be able to help you think positively on a more regular basis.

5. Read widely but selectively.

Reading books on self-improvement and true inspiration stories teaches us about great values and goodness in society. Learn to read biographies of great people, non-fiction books that deal with improving human society and personal development literature. Avoid science fiction and books that portray the immoral beings of the world.

6. Watch inspiring stories or movies.

Every time you feel down or are thinking negative thoughts, check out some Youtube clips on inspiring stories. There are many clips of true inspiration that can touch our souls. Many of the makers of these Youtube clips are often able to include music to good effect.

7. Listen to inspiring music.

When you are feeling down, it is a good idea to have a list of ready inspiring songs to fall back on. Music is a great way to sooth the soul. Again, you would need to be selective with your compilations. Music shops also offer many great compilations these days.

8. Set goals even if they seem impossible.

Humans have never set a goal that they have not reached. Dreaming of impossible goals set our mind on a journey where many great ideas appear. Where great ideas are found, there is always positive thinking.

9. Change your mental pictures.

Learn to see the mental images you hold vivid in your mind. Imagine your mind as a camera and video recorder capturing all your scenes. Be aware of negative images and try and replace these with bright, cheery and positive ones. Instead of seeing dark clouds and gloomy scenes, try and take more sunshine days with smiles and laughter.

10. Start a self investigation process.

Whenever you think a negative thought, try and go into an investigative mode. Ask yourself questions like: Why am I feeling so down? What is causing my negative emotions? Who is around me when I am negative? What can I do to stop this? What can I learn from this? What are other options do I have apart from feeling negative? Practice this often. Go into a process of leading yourself down a certain line of questions. Very soon, your negative thoughts will disappear.

I hope you find this useful in helping you think more positively. Do you have any comments on this article? Do you have more techniques to share with us?
photo credit: h.koppdelaney

Author Bio: Jimmy is a veteran teacher, coach and education officer in Singapore. He has combined his skills in the education and cosmically charged speaking style with his passion for personal development to become a life coach, speaker, trainer and writer. He writes extensively about personal development at His coaching and personal development training is anchored by his Ace Your PERSONAL Goals framework which sets the foundation for effective and easy to implement personal development skills.

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  1. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for this opportunity to guest post here. What do you think of the article?


    • Thanks for the guest post, Jimmy. You have some really great ideas and tips here. I especially think it’s a great idea to monitor your thoughts to see what you mostly think about. Too many people don’t take the time to look at their thoughts and how it affects them. Several years ago, I decided to change around my thinking to more positive areas and it made a huge difference in making my life better. Thoughts really can be a powerful thing.

      You have some great ways to start thinking more positively too. I’m a big fan of inspiring stories and movies. It’s strange how music can affect mood too. I notice that negative music puts me in a more foul mood which is probably why I listen to more classical now. It seems to relax and cheer me up more than any other kind.

      Thanks again for a great post.

  2. Seriously awesome post Jimmy!

    Thoughts are SO powerful. The stories we tell ourselves come from our thoughts, so it becomes extremely important to tell ourselves the right story and realize that all our thoughts are self created. We are the author of our story.

    I particularly love turning to music and movies. It’s like a miniature refresh button on my day!

    Love your ideas Jimmy!

    • Hi Chris,

      Glad you dropped by.

      Out thoughts give rise to plans. Our plans can become actions. And actions will move us in the direction of what we want in out lives. We must learn to control these thoughts in our minds. If we don’t, others and the environment will control it for us.

  3. Jimmy,
    What a GRAND post for today! What a wonderful reminder. I am printing this one out because I want to be able to re-read it each morning until it becomes automatic and part of my thinking process.

    I have seen this happen, I have felt this happen. It is true and I don’t know why it gets shuffled away, because the wonders it brings make the world shine.

    Thanks for this, and I’m so happy to meet you!

    • Hi Amber,

      I apologise for the late reply. I was having some trouble accessing comments on this page. Hope you will receive this reply still.

      These methods are effective in changing our thoughts pattern. One thing you will find difficult but not impossible is to be aware of your negative states and quickly take control of it by using one of these methods. Try and you will feel better.


  4. Great post Jimmy. It is so important to keep our thoughts in the present moment and focus on what we really want.

    I like to watch inspiring videos on youtube while coming up with a new topic to blog about.

    • Thanks Justin.

      Do you notice that good videos with nice emotional sound tracks are very powerful tools to shift our states? We have to collect a library of these make them easily available to use.

  5. Awesome!

    I like #4 the best.
    If I would have never stepped outside of my comfort zone, I’m not sure where I would be today.

    Awesome article! Keep on keepin’ on Jimmy!

  6. Steve, this is just such an excellent post. It is so true – we are what we think. Thank you for writing this.

  7. Alan | Life's Too Good says:

    The LOA stuff interests me, but I’m not so sure it’s as black & White as some of it’s champions claim. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big believer in the power of positive thinking, but (#8) “Humans have never set a goal that they have not reached.” Really?

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