15 Books to Inspire You to a More Interesting Life


Books have the power to change your life. Some are even the source of inspiration which defines a part of you. They have the power to shape our values and politics or change perspectives on religion, love and money. The story and settings of books are limitless so chances are there is one out there […]

6 Ways to Travel Endlessly

6 Ways to Travel Endlessly

Traveling the way most people do it isn’t enough. Saving all year long at a job for just two weeks a year won’t let you see the world the way you want to see it. So you find someone to take care of your stuff while you travel the world. You’re all set to see […]

Discover the Martial Art that Suits Your Personality

Martial Art

Martial arts are systems of practices and training you use in combat. There are various reasons to study them including fitness, self-defense, character development, mental discipline among others. Here is a list of ten martial arts in no particular order from around the world. Each one lists out who they are suited for. Which one […]

How to Win an Election Easily and Guaranteed

Ballot Box

Most people would say you need lots of money and name recognition to successfully be elected to public office.  They are right and wrong.  However, if you use this method, you are guaranteed to win an election.

5 World Heritage Sites You Have to Visit

Iguazu Falls

So what exactly is a World Heritage Site? It is a site the United Nations says is of outstanding universal value. Their selection criteria include things like containing superlative natural phenomena or representing a masterpiece of human creative genius. Wow, that must be some list. Some of the things on the world heritage list seem […]

10 Ways to Make Your Life More Interesting Today

Something Interesting

Let’s face it; sometimes life can become pretty routine. Maybe it has been awhile since you shook things up a bit and did something new. Well, there are plenty of things that you can do right now to spice life up a little. Here are just a few of the easy ways that you can make […]



Some people see a sand dune and see a hill of sand held together by various plants or as a feature of the desert. Others see it as a way to have some fun. There is definitely a thrill to this sport where speeds up to 51 mph have been recorded.