7 Ways to Be More Interesting Than You Ever Thought Possible


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Since I’ve arrived at my school in Morocco, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a wide range of people. Because it is an American school, the faculty is primarily composed of Americans, but there are still a lot of countries represented through many of the teachers and students.

This means there are a lot of differing viewpoints and personalities to interact with. But it seems as if one of the things bringing us closer together is that we are all genuinely interesting people. You can be more interesting too. Many of the ways you can bring out that side of yourself are actually pretty simple. With just a few changes, you can become a more interesting person than you know.

Those ways are:

1. Read widely outside your comfort zone

I can’t even begin to count how often I’ve started interesting conversations with other people about the topic of a book they or I am reading. Sometimes they are the perfect conversation starters. At the bare minimum, you could ask their opinion on what you’re reading and work your way from there.

For the most part, it’s good to read things outside your comfort zone. The more new ideas and information you’re exposed to, the more things you have to talk to other people about. If you’re reading about some new idea or something that’s blown your mind away, chances are it will be fascinating to another person in some way.

2. Do and say things no one else is doing or saying

Blending into the crowd has never been an effective strategy for being an interesting person. So it’s simple: stand out by being willing to do or say things no one else is willing to do or say. Take a stand on an issue that is important to you even if it’s unpopular. Do something others are afraid to try.

There is always a tendency to pull towards the middle ground and be like everyone else. But doing that means there’s nothing about you people will remember. The ones who say and do things others can’t are the ones who are the most interesting.

3. Become an amazing storyteller

Here’s a story for you: I was in a communication class several months ago and the day’s lesson was about storytelling. The class separated into groups and each one had to pick a person to share a story with the rest of the class. I was selected by my group.

So I got up in front of the entire class and told everyone about how I saved two strippers from a small gang of street thugs. The whole class was captivated and asked me questions for ten minutes after I ended the story. It was great reminder of the power behind storytelling. A good story, when told right, can really be fascinating to hear.

4. Discover your best qualities and bring them out

Have you ever met someone who had a characteristic about them that you just like? These people have a quality about them that draws you in to them and makes you want to get to know them better. For instance, I’ve met so many people who were so genuinely kind and warm that you instantly liked them and wanted to get to know them more.

Your best quality could be something different. Maybe you’re funny, outgoing or personable. Whatever it is, it needs to be something genuine. It might take some self-reflection to find that great quality inside you, but once you find it, you’ll find others will instantly take a shine to you.

5. Learn to be witty

What’s one thing that Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill and Groucho Marx all have in common? It’s their famous razor sharp wit. It’s one (among other things) of the most interesting things about these people.

People like to be around others who are funny. So take a note from these famous wits and develop your sly sense of humor. I’d take lessons from the masters above and study what they do and say. That can help you develop a fast mind and quick tongue of your own.

6. Let others in on your passions

Passions are exciting. Just spend some time listening to someone tell you about something that excites them, what makes them get out of bed in the morning and gives them life. It can be very intriguing.

What’s amazing is that even if you don’t share that passion, it can still be interesting. I once ran into someone who is extremely passionate about bird watching. He described it in such a way that let his passion out. Even though it isn’t a hobby for me, I could have listened to him talk for hours about it.

7. Always be learning new skills

Some skills are naturally interesting to other people. I’m impressed when someone can do a unique and over-the-top magic trick. I once knew an amateur magician who could do some impressive things at a moment’s notice. My dad practices woodcarving and makes some very impressive carvings.

These skills can be simple too. I taught myself a few tricks to show little kids when I want to get their attention. One of them involves bending my thumb backwards until it touches my wrist. It sounds painful, but anyone can do it with enough practice. It impresses the hell out kids though.

You’re More Interesting Than You Realize

It doesn’t take much to become a more interesting person. You don’t need a fancy car or money; many of these things are actually quite simple. But that’s often the way it goes. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most interesting.

What interesting things have you tried? Any of the ones from this list?

photo credit: Thomas Hawk

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  1. WOWOWOWOWowoweeeee!

    since I arrived at my school in Morocco? wow Steve, that’s awesome. What a great experience that must be – and they’re lucky to have you too.

    Is your wife with you?

    Maybe you can pick up some more French whilst you’re there…

    • It has been a great experience so far. The school I’m at is great, I’m learning a lot about Morocco and the people here. It’s fantastic.

      Unfortunately my wife isn’t here with me. She’s at home working, going to school herself and taking care of the cat. But she’ll be joining me after my time at the school is done so we can travel all over Morocco and see more of the country.

      Oh, and yes, I’m picking up a lot of French. I use it every single day. in fact, I became friends with a local and we just hung out all day once talking French to each other. I think I picked up more French in that conversation than I have in a long time.

  2. Ever since I had to hang up my dancing shoes, I’ve felt that I lead such a boring life. Thank you for reminding me that my current passions (canning, community preparedness, grant writing), which I figured others would find so boring, can be made exciting if I allow others to see what I see in it.

    And … what blog post could ever be boring that starts with “Since I arrived at my school in Morocco”? Thanks for teaching by example!

    • I don’t see those things as boring. As long as you find something about them fascinating, there is a way to display that fascination to other people. In almost every case, there’s something interesting in every hobby. I’ve met people who are into canning and they’ve told me some interesting things about it. It’s all in the way you describe what you’re passionate about to other people. If you start off with the technical details, you’re probably going to bore others. At least that’s what I’ve learned.

  3. I think doing something different will help. You mentioned reading different books. This could be extended to music or where you go out to eat or on holiday. Keeping ourselves open to new stuff will energize us and gives us plenty of stories to tell.

    • Yeah, anything new is often good. Different books, movies, music or plays, theater. You could even extend it to meeting new people. I just think books is usually the easiest way to do it because that’s where I get the best conversations from.

  4. Great ideas – all ones I already follow except for being a great storyteller. Acknowledging that as shortcoming of mine, I even bought and read a book on storytelling. I never got around to practicing it though…

    If more people followed your advice, the world would be a much more interesting place, rather than repeating stale or mundane ideas over and over again. We would all also learn much more from each other.

    • Amit, A world where we all learned more from each other would be great. Could you imagine how much we’d all know if we’d just share some ideas for a book or two every now and again?

      Becoming a good storyteller takes some practice. I must have told that story above a thousand times and each time I think I tell it better. You just need to go out and tell those stories over and over again until you can tell them really well.

  5. I would be so happy to find more like minded people here where I live…instead of just online. I have to figure out where all the “cool” people like me are here!


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