That Time I Lived in a Haunted House – My True Life Ghost Story


Haunted mansion

Happy Halloween everyone.  In just a few days, the holiday will be upon us.

In the spirit of the season, I want to switch things up a little and tell you a ghost story.  It’s not just any ghost story though; it’s about things that actually happened to me personally.

So imagine we’re sitting around a campfire.  Sit back and relax, as I tell you about a time when I lived with a ghost.

Living With a Ghost

Before I get into the story, I want to make something perfectly clear.  What I’m about to tell you actually happened to me.  I’m not making any of this up.

These events happened many years ago.  Since then, I’ve made hundreds of attempts to explain what happened with normal, non-ghost explanations.

I take a scientific approach to life; I’m not the kind of person you’d expect to believe in ghosts.

Yet, no matter how often I try to explain what happened, I cannot.

Here’s what happened:

During my final year of college, a friend and I moved into an apartment.  Rather ominously, the apartment number was 13.

Right away, we noticed there was an unusually high amount of static electricity.

We were constantly being shocked around the apartment.  The static charge was so high that we were shocked even when we touched non-metallic items – even things like the wall.

It was strange, but just the beginning of what was to come.

One morning, something eerie happened while I was showering: the bathroom light started flickering.

It was steady – one second on then one second off – over and over.

Was my roommate playing a trick on me?

That couldn’t be it.  It happened every morning for months – often when I was completely alone in the apartment.

Was the wiring faulty?

The light fixture was fine.  During most of the day, it worked perfectly.

Then I figured it out.  It only flickered when I was in the shower and had the shower curtain closed.

I began to test it.  I’d shower with the curtain open.  I’d open and close it at random times.

Without fail, the lights would stop flickering when it was open and start flickering when it was closed.

It was so creepy that on some mornings, no matter how hot the shower was, I couldn’t stop the cold shiver from crawling up my spine.

Here’s Where it Gets Crazy

One night my friend and I were hanging out on the couch in the living room.  We discussed the weird things going on – apparently, he had lights flicker on him in the shower too.

That’s when we started talking about the possibility of a ghost.  At first I thought of it as a joke.  Like I said before, I have a scientific mindset and I generally don’t believe in those things.

In a loud voice, I spoke to the empty side of the apartment, “if there are any ghosts in here, give us a sign.”

Immediately after I finished the question, we heard a noise emanate from the empty side of the apartment.  It was a loud creaking noise, like the kind you’d hear a footstep make on an old staircase – only it was louder and lasted longer.

The sound was unnatural.  To this day, I’ve never heard a noise like it anywhere else.  It freaked us out for a couple of days.

The ghost didn’t appear again until the night of a party.

We invited some friends over to hang out.  It was a typical college party with drinking, talking and photo taking.

A couple days later, I got the photos back on a disposable camera.  I noticed one had a strange floating object in it.

In the photo, I was sitting with three other friends.  In between my head and another person’s head was a round glowing ball of light – an orb.

Most ghost hunters will tell you that glowing orbs in photos are images of ghosts.

Others say glowing orbs are just dust or a weird reflection caught on film.

All I know is that this is the only time I’ve ever seen one in any of my photos.

I was ecstatic.  Finally I had something to show people when I told them about the weird things happening in the apartment.

I put it in a small frame on a bookshelf in my bedroom.

But that’s not the weird part about the photo.  There’s more.

Eventually I moved out of the apartment – not because of the ghost, but because I was moving away.

I packed up my stuff carefully, including my ghost photo.

While I was unpacking in my new place, I took out the ghost photo and noticed something odd.

Something didn’t look quite right about the photo.  When I looked closer, I realized what was wrong.

The photo had melted.

The box was fine.  Nothing was spilled on it and it hadn’t been exposed to any extreme temperatures.

In fact, the box was full of a bunch of other photos.  None of the other ones were harmed in any way.

Yet my ghost photo had melted so much, it stuck to the frame.  It was destroyed so badly that I had to throw both it and the frame away.

And that’s where my personal experiences end.  But there’s a little more to this story.

My roommate told me about something that happened to him.  Something he assured me was completely true.

When he was alone one night, he asked the ghost to present itself.  According to him, he saw the image of a small man appear in the corner of his eye.

Of course, I can’t verify if that’s true or not; it didn’t happen to me and I wasn’t there when he said it happened.  But it still freaked me out.

Every once in a while, I look back and wonder what was going on in that apartment.

Was it a series of strange coincidences?  Was it all in our heads?

Was there really a ghost?

I may never know.  At least I can use it as a great Halloween ghost story though.

Now that I’ve shared my story, I want to hear yours.  Do you have a ghost story of your own or has something strange ever happened to you?  Share it in the comments.
photo credit: Adrien Sifre

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  1. Interesting story–and I can relate. The house I grew up in, which was 200 years old, had been built on a Native American burial ground. My parents renovated the house and gutted the floors. Meanwhile, some friends and I had played with a Ouija board. Some odd stuff started happening…

    We heard chants, smelled tobacco and often heard someone walking in the hallway when no one was there. My mom saw a vapory spirit of some sort floating up the stairs. I sometimes felt a presence nearby… A lot of this occurred in the evening.

    There was other stuff, too.

    Let’s just say that I rarely spend the night in an old house now. I’d rather just visit during the day, then be on my way. :)

    • At first I thought you were just retelling the plot line from Poltergeist. Didn’t that have a Native American burial ground too? That house sounds scary. At least I can say I never saw a vapory spirit of any kind. It’s all too spooky.

  2. PS: I like the way you told your ghost story. Well-done!

  3. Hah! Steve! This is a case for Derren Brown to analyse I reckon! i’m gonna tweet him for his recommendations!

    Personally – I’m sure we can find a scientific explanation for all of this.

    Aside from the light reflection in the photograph – is there anything about the material/frame combo that damaged the photograph.

    Seeing people out of the corner of your eye – your friend’s mind was playing tricks on him!

    • As soon as I saw the tweet pop up, I laughed a little. I’m a big fan of his and it would be great if he replied, but I doubt it; he’s probably way too busy.

      As far the material/frame with the photo goes, I don’t remember it causing any damage. Of course, this is all from memory, but I don’t think the frame caused the photo any damage.

  4. Steve,

    Interesting story, and very timely for Halloween.

    I feel that there are likely scientific explanations for all the weird phenomena. There are psychological and scientific reasons why “some” of the strange things could happen.

    HOWEVER: I may be a skeptic, but I am not one of those guys who refuses to believe up to the point a monster/ghost eats his face.

    The image in the corner of the eye for instance – I have had that happen once or twice, with a creepy feeling in situations. Likely it is some sort of self induced delusion. However, you can bet I wasn’t waiting around to see if I was right. 😉

    • I’ve had that image in the corner of my eye thing happen too and that’s likely just an induced delusion like you said. Even at the time, that’s the first thing I thought about. Still, his story about it was pretty scarey.

  5. I’m naturally skeptic just like you are but I think it’s foolish to say there is no possibility of ghosts. Science is discovering new things all the time and even has a few theories regarding kinetic energy left behind when death occurs.

    Got a few goosebumps when I read this lol.

    Fact or fiction – still an awesome story you’ll carry for the rest of your life.

    • Yeah, it’s possible that there’s something going on. It might not even have been a ghost or anything like that – it just might be some phenomenon science can’t quite explain yet. Or maybe it was just a bunch of coincidences.

      All I know is that it makes for an interesting story.

  6. Thanks for the chills up the spine, Steve. Won’t be getting much sleep tonight!

  7. A well told story, Steve!!! It’s easy to get freaked out when one is alone. Our brains are so good at filling in blanks even when it is not needed and making us feel as if something is going on that isn’t. But I do love a great story and you’ve delivered! Have a spooked one!!!

  8. That’s just plain creepy. While the some of the items *might* have logical explanations, the combination is what gets you. You did live in a haunted house!

    • Yeah, that’s what gets me too. There were just so many weird things all in one place. One or two could be brushed aside as nothing, but all of them together makes you wonder what’s going on.

  9. That was very well related Ghost story! enjoyed reading it!

  10. Thanks for a good scare, Steve. I love the fact that despite all these going ons, you guys stayed and got friendly with your ghost visitor. Instead of packing up and running away for your lives! I don’t think I’ve quite experienced anything like this and I hope I never will!

    Not only do I know know of any ghosts or have any personal ghost stories, I try to stay away from most scary and frightening movies! I value my sleep over a good scare but this tale made for a good laugh. Thanks for sharing.

    Did you guys ever name the ghost crashing at your place:)?

    • I try to stay away from scary and frightening movies and TV shows too for the same reason. I always have trouble sleeping the night I watch them. While I often watch scarey movies around Halloween to get myself into the spirit of the season, I stay away the rest of the year.

      No, we never named the ghost. I guess we never got around to doing that.

  11. I wAs reading this near the door
    over soMeone’s shoulder
    when I heArd a knock on the door
    it even made me jump
    i lauGHed
    but nO one heard
    Sadly angrily
    we smile

    • Hey Katrina, thanks for the comment. Is this a little poem you wrote? I noticed that you capitalized some words and not others. If I type all the capitalized words in a row it types out: I AM A GHOST.

      Very clever! I love this comment!

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  13. That is scary! And, if you had all these happenings there, didn’t you try to find out some more, about the history of the house, if the neighbors knew things, if there is an expert in thearea who could have helped?

    • I thought about doing some research on the place. Maybe I could have asked the rental owners if something strange happened there or I could look into the history of the area, but unfortunately I moved away and I just never got around to doing it.

  14. I used to lock up a haunted mansion so I never discount anything; I’ve had the flickering lights thing: one night, in front of a set of security guards I had asked to come and verify what was happening, there was a set of four large ceiling lights: whichever one I stood underneath flickered. That was the least of my problems 😀

    I’m more concerned that this little man is gawping at people in the shower!

    • Whichever light you stood under would flicker? That’s crazy. It kind of reminds me of what I went through in that the lights would flicker in response to what I was doing.

      Weirdly enough, I never thought about someone watching me while I was showering. I guess I didn’t think of it like that.

  15. Do i believe without. a doubt i still have a ghost at my house all the time he just moves things. like i was washing dishes and had a brillow pad in the sink and took. a dish off the table andmy brilllow pad was gone next day .it was on.the.stove heloves. hiding thins. also liv in a. haunted house and watched objects mp

    • That would be so inconvenient. If stuff was moved all around, you’d always have to go searching for it. I’m glad that didn’t happen to me.

  16. I didn’t. spell it right.sometimes. it is hard to.write. on my phone but a lot of strange things has happened. in my life and my town

  17. The ghost story requires the reader to be shown the atmosphere, not told. Out of all the elements that create a great ghost story, the atmosphere is probably the most important.

    • I didn’t focus on atmosphere because this is a true story and I’m trying to write events as specifically and accurately as possible. This isn’t a short story, all these events actually happened.

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