Do More Boring Things (Seriously)

Do More Boring Things

One of the things I liked most about living in Morocco a year ago was that I got to speak French on a regular basis. I’m good at it, but not quite fluent. I’ve never actually tested how much I know about French, but it’s at least conversational. I know enough to be comfortable speaking […]

The Einstein Method for Freeing Your Creative Mind

Einstein Creative Mind

In 1905, Einstein introduced the world to his groundbreaking theory of special relativity. It’s a very complex theory that I couldn’t possibly begin to explain here. But it spawned one of the world’s most well-known equations: E=MC2. Einstein is arguably one of the world’s greatest creative thinkers. How his mind came up with idea after […]

8 Mistakes that Wreck Your Confidence

Mistakes Confidence

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of confidence.  Confidence in yourself is needed if you want to reach your goals and live up to your potential.  Without it, you might not go after all the things you want out of life. With enough self-confidence, you could begin that dream project.  You could let go of […]

The Guide to Developing Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness

Several years ago I went to a comedy show.  A local amateur comedian got onstage in front of about 400 people to perform his stand-up routine. About half way through the show, someone in the audience yelled out, “You suck!” Without hesitation, he laughed it off and told a joke at the heckler’s expense.  I […]

8 Habits that Make Great Opportunities Happen

Just a drop

We all know someone who seems way too lucky.  They’re always stumbling across great new jobs, coming up with new business ideas or meeting the right people.  It seems as if they’re always at the right place at the right time. How do they do that? It might be tempting to dismiss it all as […]

The Dangers of Playing it Safe

The Dangers of Playing it Safe

You don’t have to go far to hear the dangers of taking risks.  When I was young, I was taught about “stranger danger”.  As I got older, people told me about the threats to travelers. We’re reminded of them every day in the news.  Turn on the TV and it won’t take long to find […]

Be Like Water

Bruce Lee - Be Like Water

Life is full of resistance.  There are obstacles and barriers all trying to keep you away from reaching your dreams and goals. My advice to you is this: be like water. Well, it’s actually not my advice.  The source for this comes from a forty year old interview with martial arts star Bruce Lee. Most […]