10 Ways to Make Your Life More Interesting Today Part 2


There is a difference between a life of dull existence and a life that is interesting. One of the best ways to escape the dullness and to make your life more interesting is by pushing yourself into newer things.

In case you missed it, here is part 1 on ways to make your life more interesting today.

1. Try a new wine/beer

The great thing about wine and beer is that there is always something new to try. Every year dozens of varieties come in and out. If you’re not much of a wine or beer drinker than now is your chance. Just go to a liquor store and pick up something you’ve heard about and always wanted to try. Or pick at random.

I’ve made entire nights out of this. A friend of mine and I sometimes go out and go on an “around the world” beer night. We pick a bar with a huge beer selection and order ones off the list that neither of us have tried. But be warned, it can be hit or miss. I ordered a beer from Finland called “The Finnish Line” that was too sugary and sweet. However, I’ve been introduced to some new favorites this way.

2. Go on a road trip

The open road is calling. Jack Kerouac wrote an entire book about his road tripping experience that instantly became a classic. Unlike most trips, you don’t need to know where you’re going. Often the spontaneity of the trip is the source of most of the fun.

Keep an adventurous spirit with you. This is the chance to eat at a roadside diner where you can meet some interesting locals or investigate an abandoned barn.

3. Learn the Constellations

Learning the constellations is easy. Just look for a guidebook at a library or search online. The only other thing you need is a clear, open sky which can be difficult to get if you live in the city.

With practice you’ll be able to pick out each constellation. If you’re really ambitious, you can remember the legends behind them. And then the next time you’re out with some people, you can point up to the sky and tell them which constellation is where.

4. Volunteer somewhere

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities out there. You probably pass places all the time that want help, but you just don’t know about it. Almost every volunteer opportunity you can think of is available online.

You can tailor your search to fit what you’re looking for too. That way you can make sure that whatever you find will be something that you’ll like. You can do as little as an hour a week so it won’t even take up much of your time. You’ll get to meet a lot of people, plus it looks good on resumes and college applications.

5. Memorize your favorite quotes

People love quotes which is why you see them all the time on facebook and twitter. It is likely you remember famous quotes even if you don’t realize it. “The pen is mightier than the sword” “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Check out a book of quotes from the library or just browse through famous sayings on the internet. No matter what your taste is, you’re going to find something you like. You might be surprised how often you’ll find the opportunity to use them once you find them.

6. Cook something

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” Harriet van Horne.

Cooking doesn’t need to be elaborate. Sometimes the best meals are the ones that take little effort. One excuse not to cook is that there isn’t enough time to do it. I know most people are busy, but you don’t need to cook every night.

All it takes is one night a week to cook something. If you cook something new just one night a week, you’ll get good at it. Eventually you’ll be able to try bolder recipes. And remember that even if one recipe doesn’t turn out well, you can always try something else another night.

7. See the sunrise/sunset

How can something so simple be so beautiful and serene? The peaceful nature of a sunrise or sunset doesn’t have to be experienced on the same day. That would be a long day to wait for both. At both times, the sunlight bounces off dust and liquid particles in the air to create red and orange hues. At no other time of the day does the sky light up like this.

A sunset is the time for reflection. What did you do today? Where are you going in life and are you in the right direction? A sunrise is a time for renewal. You have the whole day ahead of you. The birds and animals are out. This is a good time to feel gratitude for everything you’ve got.

8. Learn a musical instrument

There are really only two difficult questions when it comes to learning a new instrument. What instrument to choose and do you have the patience to practice it? Choosing the instrument is a matter of personal choice. Popular instruments like guitar, piano or violin usually come to mind right away, but be open to other more obscure instruments like the saxophone or oboe.

The easiest instruments to learn are the guitar and the recorder. Recorders are great because they are really easy to play and also cheap. I found one online for as low as $5. Good guitars cost $200 or more.

9. Try a puzzle–sudoku, crossword, jigsaw, mahjong

I’m going to warn you now that puzzle games like these are addictive. There are many puzzle games to try with various skill levels. It is likely that there are games on this list that you haven’t even tried.

You can buy a book of sudoku or crossword puzzles at a bookstore. These games can be found online too or as cell phone apps. If you haven’t tried one of these than you should try one today.

10. Contact a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile

Getting into contact with an old friend is easy now that everyone seems to be on facebook or twitter.

Even with these social networks, people really don’t interact with each other that much. This is something that will take a little bit more effort than just the usual interaction people on facebook engage in.

Send them a personal message asking them how they are doing. You’ll be surprised what they’ve been up to that they you would never realize from what you read from their facebook profile. And you never know, maybe you’ll renew the friendship.

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  1. At my bar Flying Saucer, they have “Around the World” Saucers so that you can order little samples of beers from Belgium, Germany, Japan, etc. A good way to try beer before committing to a full 16 oz. And I agree, I have several quotes memorized; my favorite is a Katherine Hepburn quote: “Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then”

  2. Travel around is really pleasant. I like road trip that make me happy, it is always full-of-fun. I can see plenty of interesting sights through it and meet the locals and know about their cultures.

    Best Regards,

  3. This is a good list- especially the constellations. It’s one thing I don’t know much about, but how fun to look up in the sky and contemplate our lives in relation to space!

  4. @Mary R

    I didn’t know much about constellations either until I really looked into it. I wonder what it is about looking up at the stars that makes people contemplate life. It seems to be a common thing among a lot of people.

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